2014 Nashville Tour 

Paul Gargiulo heads to Nashville TN June 9 to showcase some new Originals

for soon to be released Album. Paul a NJ veteran will be performing a solo Acoustic Performance at Neighbors Guru on June 10 and 12 and Porter on June 15.

Debuting new songs Country, Twangy, roots  Music for the soul with a touch of Grit.

Perseverance, Persistence and Perspiration. 





No, triple P does not stand for Peter Peter Peter. It could but in this case, it is all about Perseverance, Persistence and Perspiration.


Once upon a time (1857), in the land of New Jersey, a township called Millburn was formed. Fast forward to the year 2009, a cool cafe opened on Main Street called Rock ‘n Joe. This became a new favourite hang out place for my friends and I and we have enjoyed a number of live musicians giving great performances.


A couple of months ago, Paul Gargiulo…

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